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Training For Reenactors
Casey’s Drill Manual for the Union Army
The below links are useful sources of information in reinforcing the lessons taught in the school of solider when drilling with our unit.  You will find links to Youtube pages which outline various maneuvers as well as links to .pdfs which are a source of great reading.  Note, we are not the source of the below content but rather use these links as a means of teaching new recruits.  
1861 Springfield, Musket, NJ, Civil War, reenactors
3rd New Jersey Civil War Reenactors
Silas Casey’s Infantry Tactics
Load in 9 Times
Skirmish Drill 
Simplified Infantry Tactics - Scott Washburn
US 1852 Bayonet Drill
Civil War Musket Drill - Inspection Arms and Stack Arms
Musket Field Cleaning