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Welcome to The 3rd NJ Volunteer Infantry
We are The 3rd New Jersey Vol.  Infantry.  The 3rd NJ is a 501( c )3, New Jersey-based Civil War reenactor group comprised of over eighty members dedicated to the common goal of preserving the history of the Civil War era. This is done through educating the public about this most critical period in the development of our nation through accurate and realistic portrayals of soldiers and civilians of that time period.

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​“Tis my great delight to march and fight as a Jersey volunteer."
1861 Springfield, Musket, NJ, Civil War, reenactors
The organization itself is made up of an executive board of elected officials who oversee the basic workings of the group and the run the monthly meetings. Other members serve on committees such as Recruitment, Historical, Authenticity, and Civilian affairs. In the field, officers and NCO's are promoted through a structured system involving testing and accumulation of points for events attended. This is done to ensure that those in charge during battles and living histories are experienced and competent enough to lead troops in both a safe and authentic manner. 
2022 Events 
The Third New Jersey Volunteer Infantry is proud to announce their album "JERSEY BLUE” will be coming soon to iTunes.  A collection of Martial Airs and Camp Tunes from the Civil War, performed by the 3rd New Jersey Fifes, Drums and Bugle.  

Please click on the titles below to hear a sample of our music!
1. Jersey Blue
2. Shenandoah 
3. The Night Larry Was Stretched 
4. Yankee Doodle

Other selections include:
Kingdom Coming, The Rose of Alabama, Tramp Tramp Tramp, Governor's Island Quickstep, Marching Through Georgia & many, more!

A New Jersey Civil War Reenactor Group
We Proudly Support:
3rd New Jersey Civil War Reenactors
Annual Lincoln Dinner
Feb. 19
Location: Old Franklin Schoolhouse,  Metuchen, NJ

Memorial Day Parade
May 30
Location: Freehold, NJ

Fort Mifflin
June 10 and 11(Friday, Saturday)
Location: Fort Mifflin, PA  Time: 9:30

Company Drill
March 6 
11am-1pm drill / 1-2 meeting
Location: Monmouth Battlefield, Freehold, NJ

St. Patricks Day Parade
Philadelphia Union League
Feb. 11
Location: Philadelphia, PA Union League
April 22-24
Location:Daniel Lady Farm - Gettysburg, PA

Seven Days Battle - USV (Max Event)
Memorial Day USCT Cemetery Memorial
May 30
Location: Freehold, NJ

East New Jersey Old Town
Battle of Gettysburg
July 2-3
Location: Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg, PA

Cedar Mountain
Crampton’s Gap
Sept. 17-18
Location: Burkittsville, MD
**This is a potential event.  Awaiting further information.

Sept 17-18
Location: Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg, PA

Cedar Creek
Oct. 15-16
Location: Middletown, VA

Remembrance Day
Dec. 10-11
Location: Fredericksburg, VA
More details to follow

Longpond Ironworks
Sept. 10
Location: Ringwood, NJ
**This is a potential event.  Awaiting further information.

Company Drill
End of June
Location: Monmouth Battlefield, Freehold, NJ

July 30
Location: Gettysburg, PA
Camping with the Mifflin Guard on the battlefield.  Web link to follow.

Unit Drill - East Jersey Old Town